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The Madawaska Highlands Observatory
Educational and Tourism Destination
And The Most Powerful Telescopes in Canada

A summary of what visitors can expect to see and do is available here (pdf).

Our Mission and Vision:

The mission of the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is delivering an extraordinary experience of our place in this vast universe. Our vision is to become the premier facility of its type in North America, in offering a highly motivational and inspirational experience to visitors and a profound learning opportunity to K-12 students.

About the Madawaska Highlands Observatory

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory will provide an extraordinary experience to visitors of all ages, to explore, and connect with nature and experience first hand our place in this grand universe like no other facility on Earth. The Observatory is designed to be a truly rich and inspirational educational experience for young minds and a highly prized destination for tourist.

Set amidst the spectacular Madawaska Highlands, and surrounded by thousands of acres of forested Crown land and a panoramic view of he Madawaska River from a 450m plateau, the site is a truly Canadian landscape in the sense of the Group of Seven.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory is designed to address the educational requirements of the Provincial curriculum (s), the regions' urgent demand for economic development and job creation and the demand for a educational and tourist destination in Eastern Ontario. This is achieved with a unique facility in North America built on a powerful and in depth business model with years of research.

In a technologically oriented world, our youth will be looking for jobs in a very competitive environment. Being inspired and motivated to careers in science, technology and becoming innovators and entrepreneurs are critical to the success of Ontario and Canada.

The Madawaska Highlands Observatory is an investment in education, in the local economy, in scientific research that will foster a very deep appreciation of our natural world and empower all visitors to a deep sense of belonging and admiration of the universe.

As a tourist destination the Madawaska Highlands Observatory is unrivaled anywhere in the world, where visitors can experience a night sky without a hint of light pollution and explore the universe with the 40" public telescopes and our state-of-the-art Visitors Centre.

More information about the facility and what we offer is available here.

Please contact us for more information:

Share Offering
Madawaska Highlands Observatory Corp. is offering shares to accredited investors.

Naming opportunities and VIP Options
We are offering naming options and Yearly Passes.

Online Passes are now available
Support the Madawaska Highlands Observatory, 1-year passes are available.

Detailed Document
A detailed pdf document is available describing the facility is available here.


2014 - The Madawaska Highlands Observatory, Griffith, Ontario, Canada.
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