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Located in the spectacular Madawaska Highlands of Ontario, visitors will experience the night sky like never before. As a new national destination the facility brings visitors to experience a dazzling night sky without light pollution, an horizon to horizon Milky Way that will cast your shadow and where ten thousand stars can be glimpsed on a moonless night.

Visitors can view with the largest and most powerful public telescopes in the world, these custom designed short focus telescopes don't need a ladder and will offer of field of view almost ten times the area of the full moon. Quite simply the best views of the universe anywhere in the world.

This new national destination also performs world-class scientific research with the most powerful telescope in Canada. Visitors will see first hand the research conducted at the facility which will be exhibited in our state-of-the-art Visitors Centre.

The Visitors Centre host a new generation of planetarium, with some 100 million pixels, an exhibit and display hall, and has several amenities such as a fine restaurant and boutique. The Visitors Centre is carbon neutral, being off-grid, generating 100% of its energy from renewables.

Please visit our introductory page and explore the project with our brochure.

Notable features:

— State-of-the-art Visitors Centre
— Innovative architecture
— Worlds' highest resolution planetarium, 100 million pixels
— Worlds' most energy efficient commercial building, off-grid
— The largest and most powerful public telescopes in the world
— A stunning night sky with negligible light pollution
— Hosting the most powerful telescope in Canada

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